Thursday, November 29, 2012

Long Time, No Write: First of Too Many (Back-ordered) Voeg-Ventures to Come...

I don't like to dwell in the past, but too many great and unforgettable experiences have run their course since my last post. It'd be a sin not to "pay my respects" to these treasured life encapsulations.

Over the past four and one half months there have been several events that have been: fun, educating, relaxing, adventurous, straight up wild, and plain old enjoyable that... I've neglected writing about because of poor excuses.

I'm starting off with a visit to Washington, D.C. that happened this past August 2012:

My friend Brian Bobb worked in D.C. over this past summer. He was offered a sweet internship with some advertising company called GMMB. (This company is democratic and so Brian worked for the Obama campaign... but I'm not going to talk about that right now.)

So I took a "shotgun" trip to D.C.... Bobb had been telling me about: how cool the city was, how clutch his location was, how amazing the amazing weather was, how hot the hot chicks were, etc. I couldn't NOT take up the opportunity to take a sporadic 5 day trip in the middle of August. The trip was freaking amazing. The flight was really quick and dirty (I landed at the Reagan airport feeling pretty good). The metro was easier done than said. The 5 block walk from the train station to the apartment was, however, BRUTAL in the wonderful 101 degree (humid, still) heat that seemed to blur my vision. (This was my first time being to Washington D.C. since I was 9 years old or so during the winter.)

The walk was worth it. Brian's apartment was not only situated in a prime location and had concierge, but was also air conditioned and had an amazing roof top pool with a satisfying view in more than a couple ways. I spent the day at the pool with beer, my laptop, and babes all around. (I was still supposed to be working and being productive after all...)

Brian got home from work around the typical 5:30 PM or so and gave me a call to ask if I'd arrived. OH HAD I... By this time I had thoroughly "arrived" and was ready for a sick D.C. adventure. He met me up on the pool deck with some various liquors and we proceeded to kick the evening off right.

Okay I'm getting kind of tired of typing, especially when there's this hot looking girl trying to get me to come over right now...
Let me fast forward through the weekend by stating that: the night life in D.C. is NUTS, the prices of everything are ridiculously high, the sights, attractions, museums, and hot spots are LEGIT, and you can (literally) bar hop and (literally) see everything in the city there is to see in one day on a bicycle that you can rent at a "vending machine" on one of many street corners, if you're in decent shape and have a pretty, no really, good alcohol tolerance (just remember to return the damn thing and not keep the bike in wherever you're staying overnight or else you'll get a fine charged to your credit card for I think $107).

There are some crazy experiences that I, in all faith, anticipate on revisiting via this blog, but I'm not going to make any promises. My God I'll never forget that one, weird, underground "bar" that buys and pours their liquor from handles into pint glasses, then gives you a liter of orange juice or other blend, and asks for $10...