Monday, December 09, 2013

Most Things Never Die (And Will Likely Be Relived)

It wasn't until a month or so ago that I remembered I even had a blog. How sad is that? To top it all off I abandoned myself and fell off the grid right after the "The 30A Wedding [Part 1]" teaser!

I'm not even going to attempt to continue from the strange and dismal time in my life when I finally got around to recounting and documenting the "house guest periods". I was several months, and a lot of lag, in to writing about the "30A trip." It was long overdue, yet also too dated by the time I got around to writing about it. I fell off the boat. I admit it. It was and still is a great story, but I'll have to get back to it. (I really want to finish it up because I don't work there anymore and haven't spoken to the girl in 7+ months, so I think it'd be kosher if I picked it up and concluded the story from where I left off, but I'm going to catch up on more pertinent things before I start retrospecting.) To be continued...

To think back over this past year is almost surreal. Many more changes came about: half of which I expected, the other half of which I rejected, and a small percentage of which were just straight up unexpected. It all started in May when attended a quarterly E-commerce executive meetup at 10th & Piedmont. I met someone who asked if I was "looking for a move and interested in a change."

It was the beginning of June when I accepted "a move" and very sadly moved on from KooKoo Bear. The ladies at the pool were nearly in full season, yet I couldn't traditionally bask among their beauty because I had to move out by June 11! I became extremely limited to pool time interaction with females for the rest of this summer. It was only like once a weekend that I could get to the pool to mack! Tough stuff... Fortunately Danny and Weave held a fort down right off the Phase 3 abode and spa. (Deets own dis layta.)

My boss/business partner was very upset, but also very happy for me. I'd made one of the best decisions of my life. I'd imagined that I'd work, develop, and innovate with a company like this one. My dream I hadn't yet developed was coming true. Life works in mysterious ways. 

After job acceptance and move decisions I decided to take residence with my dad for a few months. (He had a few storage units right next to his house and my mom's townhouse in Alpharetta was able to harbor my formal wear.) My office was less than 2.5 miles from his house and I hadn't lived with my dad since I was 10 or so. That was a great experience. (More details to come...)

I'd finally found the apartment I was cool with. This place had been hiding under the radar for several months. (I'm still a little emotionally physical with Promove about not listing this complex on my roster. I think they have some sort of deal with Berkeley Heights. [Will investigate.])

And can you imagine I'd met a chick. During this time I'd met a chick. After the follow-up to the "30A Wedding [Part 1]" and the more details coming about living with my dad... Then... Enter TLN.