Friday, June 22, 2012

Self Sufficiency

Twenty days... It's been a while since you wrote something to yourself or anyone else caring to read about you. Let's get it together, Will.

I began moving into Post Brookhaven on June 12th and am still a long way from finishing (for a few reasons). I figure I will slowly, but steadily, be moving/setting up stuff for the next couple of months.

Moving is a big deal, I know. It's time consuming, frustrating, physically and mentally exhausting, interfering, and... NOT costly thanks to the KooKoo Krazy Hut! Dear Sweet KooKoo gave me the green light to squander a delivery truck and van to execute my entire move with. Those vehicles were an unprecedented favor.

Alex, Danny, and I commenced and completed most of our move on the HOT, SUNNY, HUMID (post thunderstorm) afternoon of Tuesday, June 12th. When I say hot and humid... I mean... Yeah... REAL. Overall, it was a great feeling, though.

It's great to be in my own place and in my own room. I finally feel like I have at least a decent amount of control over my life (not withstanding the powers of God, government, laws, and Comcast...). I work from home most days, have an excellent view of one of the pools (a.k.a. chick nest), and free Wi-fi at Starbucks if I need a new scene.

As if timing couldn't be better (considering the extra expenses and stress) my boss/business partner worked out a nice raise for me. I'm slightly more relaxed about buying a car now. Thank God.

So much more has happened that I need to fill myself/y'all in on... It's real juicy stuff, too, which makes it that much worse to have to wait for. Damn...

How do you gauge fortune? With: luck, good will, hard work, light spirits, easy looks, education, drive/motivation/determination (all same thing to me), and/or patience?

What makes you feel like you deserve or don't deserve something? Throw out deserve and switch it up with earned. Throw out both of those terms. They both have negative connotations. What have you BUILT for yourself?

Friday, June 01, 2012

Thoughts & Reflections

(More) strange days these are. <-- That's how Yoda would put it.

The world hasn't ended, but all the news makes me feel like it's going to sometime soon. I think that's just society and its current swing being built through the past couple of decades. 2 decades. Wow. You want to think that's a long time for some topic to be at hand, but it isn't. We think it is because 2 decades is probably one quarter of our lives.

The earth has been around for billions of years and has endured a whole hell of a lot. There's no reason it should end anytime soon. Just think: the earth was a hot molten piece of crap at one point. I doubt, at least at our "level", that we can affect the earth enough to fall into catastrophe. Throw us the worst hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tidal waves, etc. Those catastrophes are nothing compared to a collapse of our atmosphere and the protection it gives us (and those events shouldn't even get close to destroying our atmosphere).

The fact that I'm writing about this would lead you to believe (yep you guessed it): I'm slightly weirded out and uncomfortable about the whole thought and "movement".

Touche Earth. Keep it up.

I'm concerned and conscious about factors influencing my: health, physical ability, energy, mental state and outlook, preparedness, knowledge, utility, and motivation.

Every day I think about and pray for my friends, family, and myself. I like it and it gives me a good feeling and a renewed outlook on life.

What is it that I'm here to bring to you? I have a feeling.