Wednesday, January 08, 2014

The Need For Speed & Secrecy

There doesn't seem to be both an easy and effective way to "write in fast-forward" over this past year. That makes sense, though, because trying to watch a movie in fast-forward is useless and gives me a headache.

I'm just going to have to catch up on this past year in steady, digestible portions. That's pretty damn intimidating to think about. All-in-all, that's a lot to swallow over the course of a couple months.

Touching on the lines of my last post: the new job, the new girl, the new pad, and the newest audit/assessment of my past, present, and future have all been (and continue to be) psychologically immense.

2013 was a hybrid year that contained many new and different experiences, thoughts, feelings, desires, reservations, and confusions. I want to think my mind has been clear, free, and focused, but there have been a few aspect and variables that have clouded, distracted, and upset my thought processes. 2013 has been just as much disturbing and depressing as it has been amazing, exciting, and satisfying/gratifying. These are mental issues/hurdles that will be overcome and fixed (if they haven't been already).

Life is much more real and intense as of 2013. There are several core aspects of life that have hit me hard this past year. Success, failure, happiness, depression, love, loneliness, life, and death make up the majority.

Trips to Washington DC (to rage with Bobb again), one or more undisclosed locations (within US borders), hog hunting (in the absolute middle of nowhere), San Francisco (maybe the most unique trip of my life), and a couple trips to Blue Ridge GA all warrant a great recount and each deserve their own post.

By the end of February I plan on having written at least a summary post of each of these destinations. Remember this Will...

After I've caught y'all and myself up on travel reflections, then I intend on diving more into how/what this year really played out to be. There are much larger forces at work than I have aforementioned. They will be brought into light within the next 2 months.

The title of this blog post, "The Need For Speed & Secrecy," has but been lightly touched upon.