Saturday, December 29, 2012

[I'm] Going Back To Cali (Part 2/2)

The last post, "[I'm] Going Back To Cali (Part 1)," was attempted to be, but was not, finished by this past New Year. Fail on my part. No (valid) excuses. Please forgive me. Alright let's get on with it.

Picking up (more-or-less) where I left off:

This Bruce Clay guy. He turned out to be a freakin trip. Yin, Joe, and I sat in this guy's class for about 7.5 hours a day for 5 days. There were about 25 of us in the class. Almost everyone else was sent by their company to "learn SEO" so that the company wouldn't have to pay for a 3rd party service. This was EXACTLY what Bruce anticipated and wanted.

Jen made for a very suitable, if not desirable, secretary and personal assistant. She also claimed she learned new things. That's all fine and dandy. What I really cared about was that she took excellent notes. Her notes are still helping me today! In addition, Yin has become pretty damn proficient with using ole Bruce's trademarked SEO ToolSet!

Just about each one of these five mornings was PRETTY. FREAKIN. ROUGH. and consisted of 4-5 cups of coffee, multi-grain bars, water, sprite, fruit, and a cup of tea. The combination of an acknowledged hangover and anxious reality that you're about to have a whole lot of very valuable information crammed into your head worked as a perfect mix for a very valuable and memorable experience each day of this adventure.

I will never forget some of the people I met in this course. I remember these two people, in particular. I'm having a hard time remembering their names, but we all met in the lobby during the free, unlimited wine and cheese hours the second night after Bruce had finished preaching for the day.

It was Joe, Yin, these two bros (one who turned out to be very knowledgeable of and familiar with the porn industry in a neighboring valley), and myself. Joe ended up driving us all to dinner and I can't repeat some of the conversations that transpired during the car ride(s there and back). We went to a cool restaurant on top of a hill within the valley. It had a great view. The dinner was too much fun. Wow. People are interesting at first. How would you describe they are at second? I can't yet think of a term for it...

Simi Valley wasn't the most exciting place to hang out at night nor during the day. That's why on the third day we took a trip to Santa Monica and Venice Beach... We drove through the mountains from Simi Valley down to the coast. The drastic and changing scenery was exciting and attractive. Santa Monica was gorgeous and flavorful. I'd never seen such a set up as those houses lined along the Pacific OVER  the water and ON the highway. It was not only stunning, but also beautiful. Whoever these architects were did a swell ass job.

Then there were the beaches... These beaches... They were UNREAL. First we saw the freakin pier and what-not near Santa Monica. (That was after we walked the [what seemed to be entire] distance down the beach to get to the pier.) West Coast beaches absolutely lived up to their reputations.
After that we drove up to that Venice Beach area and (I at least) had a hell of an experience. The people there were like nothing else, literally. I did not understand how they survived on a weekly basis! It was incredible to see these sorts of people just "living" there like that's about all there was to live for. It was straight up creepy to be honest with you. A few times I remember asking Joe what the deal was with the whole scene. He said it'd been that way for 30 years. I had no more words, but fully enjoyed the experience, no doubt.

Friday, December 28, 2012

[I'm] Going Back To Cali (Part 1/2)

Good Lord. Please forgive Will Voegeli. I don't know how I let him get so backed up on sharing these fantastic experiences with his friends and self.

Despite the delay, this should be a fun post to read. You got that Will?? Yeah. I got it and apologize. I'm looking forward to this.

So I last left off with wrapping up my visit to Block Island and leaving y'all with a riveting, edge of your seat conclusion that lead into my (secretly) wild trip to California.
Venice Beach

It was a spur of the moment trip. Joe told me one morning that we should find the best SEO certification course and get certified in this shit. I believe it was later that afternoon that we found good ole Bruce Clay teaching out in a suburb of LA, California. It was originally just supposed to be Joe and I, but towards the end of the ticket booking he called and told me, "Hey Will. Tell Jen she's coming, too. Get her to send me her info. I'm booking tickets now, so tell her to send me her stuff ASAP."

I hang up the phone and head into Jen's office to let her know that she's coming to California with Joe and I. Mind you, Jen had only been with KooKoo Bear for a few weeks. What's more interesting: she'd only been working upstairs in the "web department" for about 1 week, didn't know what sort of work she was getting into, and didn't know Joe or I at all...
Good Ole Los Angeles Car Jacking

Typical Jen (Yinny) was focused (a little too much) on something on her computer screen when I walked in to break the news. (Not to my surprise now-a-days) She was startled by my entry. I told her she needed to e-mail Joe all of her personal information. She asked why. I responded, "Because we're going to California and apparently you're coming with us. You ready to learn a few new tricks? Okay. Stop looking at me like that." Jen asked when we were leaving. "Sunday," I said. "This Sunday?" she replied. "................." I said. (I think the time between me telling her she was coming on a trip and the time we were flying out was about 3 days...)

We all finally rendezvous at the airport. (Of course I am the last person to arrive at the terminal.) Jen, okay from here on out I have to refer to Jen as "Yin or Yinny," looked a little nervous, but cool and level headed. I was pretty excited, myself. Joe managed to get all three of us seats next to each other, so that was pretty fun. Jen got the middle seat at first, but I forced her to switch so I could box her into the window seat and have a perfect blend between bro-talk on my left (with Joe) and chick flirting on my right (with Jen). Joe and Jen watched on my laptop as I talked the support chick with the Delta Go-Go In Flight into free Wi-Fi for the entire flight. B055 /\/\0\/3.
Beautiful Los Angeles

Jen was starting to turn out to be a pretty cool chick. Disclaimer: At first, in the office, I'd thought that she was a kind of weird, strange, A-type, dork. (That was way before I knew how smart and A-type and strange and dorky and weird she really was...)

We landed in LA and it was hot. It felt EXCELLENT. Being on foot in the city was bright, hazy, thick, and hot. It was exactly how I'd imagined and seen it in the video games and movies. I loved it!

Joe got a cool rental car (that turned out to host some freaking fun rides) and the 3 of us rolled out towards Simi Valley. [Okay. This is another "aside" or whatever you want to call it, but this was Jen's first experience riding in a car with Joe (and in LA), so she had zero expectations...] Joe performed his normal wild, fun ATL driving, but on the highways of LA without a scratch. Joe's driving seems like luck, but don't disagree, it is purely finesse.
The hotel is reached. We are all tired, but know what we are in for. I guess it makes perfect sense that there's a restaurant/bar called "Elephant Bar" practically connected to the hotel... (To be kindled at a later time.)

My room looked SO BALLER. Like... This baby literally looked like I walked back into an 80s hotel room that likely had a Scarface movie scene shot in it. Jen's room happened to be right next to mine. Joe's room happened to be like 30 rooms down the hall and to the left... IDK. WHATEV.

We're scheduled attend this class starting at 9:00 AM every morning most of the time we were there. Noting in my brain that I had to be good to learn a whole lot of new stuff in the morning and that my alarm was going off at 8:00 AM... I called Jen and told her to, "Meet me outside of my room in 3 minutes." I told her, "we're walking next door to a gas station to grab a case of beer and coming back to have a good night." She arrived promptly and on time. The walk was completed. The beer was had. The night was fun. I discovered that Yinny is too good to be true.

This post is to be continued and finished by the New Year.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Block Island Wrap-Up

You know what... The World, a.k.a., The Internet, just moves, shakes, and changes too damn much these days. It becomes pretty tough to keep up with at times. That sounded like a complaint, I know, but it wasn't. Believe me. It's fun stuff and keeps me on top of my virtual game.
Block Island Beach Stairs
Beach Stairs

My intention, this evening, is to finish my last post about Block Island. We'll soon read how that goes over.
Block Island
Block Island Aerial

In a nutshell: Block Island was a whole new experience. The (whole) island was powered by diesel generators, was loaded with hot foreign AND local girls, and had minimal law enforcement. Additionally, my visit was also spoiled with amazing weather, a great fishing charter, memorable kayaking, some drama, and a nearly unbelievable mix of a 1910 and 2010 living experience.

I'm not kidding. This property was amazing (not to mention the entire island). There's so much damn historical stuff on this island. It's mind blowing. Apparently it was discovered/founded by some whalers way back in the 1800s... I stayed in a house that was built in the 1800s and, considering 200 years of existence, had very few changes made to it. I showered outside in the yard... Every day... Naked... That's just how it was done.
Block Island Whaling House
Kitchen Stairs
It wasn't awkward until Alex's grandmother was doing "gardening stuff" around the property and the lawn service crew started grooming the premises of the house. I was stuck between covering my genitals and just continuing to shower. I did a combination of both. Nobody seemed to care...

Whaler House
Block Island Whaler House
Alex's little brother's girlfriend was pretty hot. So yeah.

Block Island turned out to be one of the most unique trips I've ever taken. It hosted a combination of attributes that I'd never really experienced until that time.

Next up... Los Angeles with Jennifer (Yinny) Rudolf and Joe Mediate!!

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

It's December 1st, 2012

It's actually December 4th, 2012 now... How creepy is it that Christmas actually goes down at the end of this month?! I haven't done any shopping or whatnot and what's worse is that I've only mildly given the whole concept a thought. I've been thinking I might just tell my parents and brothers (and other certain special people) that I don't want anything because I don't plan on getting them anything, so we'll just call it even.

See, the thing is that I'm still focused on how awesome this past summer was and that's what I'm going to write more about right now. At this rate I'll be on schedule for a "Christmas In September."

I left off with the wild visit to D.C. in early August. The next trip was most definitely a change of scene. Later in August I found myself landing in Providence, Rhode Island. I was on a journey to see what Block Island was all about.

Block Island is this island that looks kind of like a weird four sided, more-or-less, island (at least from an airplane). It's been chilling about + or - 10 miles off the cost of Rhode Island for quite a while now. How do I know this? I know this for two reasons:
  •  I remember the ferry boat captain announcing on the intercom that the boat ride was going to cover some number of miles and take 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  •  I saw and read about some really old mansions and hotels and historical stuff that led me to believe the island had been chilling there for a pretty damn long time (like definitely before my grandparents were born).
Let me take a real quick step back to clarify why the heck this was my first time ever up in this "New England" region of our great country. My friend and current roommate, Alex Hnizdor, has a pair of grandparents that have some property and houses and vacation on this island during the summer months of the year. (Their main stay is further north up in New Hampshire I think.) Since college Alex had been trying to set up a trip to Block Island (this is a beautiful website the island has) and it finally became a reality this past August.

So this island turns out to be awesome...
Block Island Fishing Trip

Quick side note: My boss kind of flipped out a couple of weeks prior to my departure when I told him I was going to Block Island over so-and-so dates in August. He's from Connecticut and practically went nuts talking about how awesome this Block Island was during the middle of August (because all of the young peeps/chicks come over during that time). From the way he was talking and the look on his face (for several days) I'm almost certain he actually, really, honestly wanted to join in on the action and rage with us, but the guy DOES have a wife and 3 children...

This damn island turns out to be so incredibly unique. It was really freaking old overall, but new in the moment/at the time/in the season I was there. It had an amazing rustic, chill, quiet, secluded feel with tons of history, but the people on the island at the time were there to have a damn good time and that added an entirely awesome contrast.

Alex's grandparents were totally awesome, too. These two people were "older," but knew exactly what the deal was for bros our age... They did not want to disappoint and had prepared well.

Dammit. I'm going to have to leave this story here for now. I just realized (not saw, realized; I saw half an hour ago, but didn't realize) what time it is. There's a lot more that needs some undivided attention tonight before I get my beauty rest.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Long Time, No Write: First of Too Many (Back-ordered) Voeg-Ventures to Come...

I don't like to dwell in the past, but too many great and unforgettable experiences have run their course since my last post. It'd be a sin not to "pay my respects" to these treasured life encapsulations.

Over the past four and one half months there have been several events that have been: fun, educating, relaxing, adventurous, straight up wild, and plain old enjoyable that... I've neglected writing about because of poor excuses.

I'm starting off with a visit to Washington, D.C. that happened this past August 2012:

My friend Brian Bobb worked in D.C. over this past summer. He was offered a sweet internship with some advertising company called GMMB. (This company is democratic and so Brian worked for the Obama campaign... but I'm not going to talk about that right now.)

So I took a "shotgun" trip to D.C.... Bobb had been telling me about: how cool the city was, how clutch his location was, how amazing the amazing weather was, how hot the hot chicks were, etc. I couldn't NOT take up the opportunity to take a sporadic 5 day trip in the middle of August. The trip was freaking amazing. The flight was really quick and dirty (I landed at the Reagan airport feeling pretty good). The metro was easier done than said. The 5 block walk from the train station to the apartment was, however, BRUTAL in the wonderful 101 degree (humid, still) heat that seemed to blur my vision. (This was my first time being to Washington D.C. since I was 9 years old or so during the winter.)

The walk was worth it. Brian's apartment was not only situated in a prime location and had concierge, but was also air conditioned and had an amazing roof top pool with a satisfying view in more than a couple ways. I spent the day at the pool with beer, my laptop, and babes all around. (I was still supposed to be working and being productive after all...)

Brian got home from work around the typical 5:30 PM or so and gave me a call to ask if I'd arrived. OH HAD I... By this time I had thoroughly "arrived" and was ready for a sick D.C. adventure. He met me up on the pool deck with some various liquors and we proceeded to kick the evening off right.

Okay I'm getting kind of tired of typing, especially when there's this hot looking girl trying to get me to come over right now...
Let me fast forward through the weekend by stating that: the night life in D.C. is NUTS, the prices of everything are ridiculously high, the sights, attractions, museums, and hot spots are LEGIT, and you can (literally) bar hop and (literally) see everything in the city there is to see in one day on a bicycle that you can rent at a "vending machine" on one of many street corners, if you're in decent shape and have a pretty, no really, good alcohol tolerance (just remember to return the damn thing and not keep the bike in wherever you're staying overnight or else you'll get a fine charged to your credit card for I think $107).

There are some crazy experiences that I, in all faith, anticipate on revisiting via this blog, but I'm not going to make any promises. My God I'll never forget that one, weird, underground "bar" that buys and pours their liquor from handles into pint glasses, then gives you a liter of orange juice or other blend, and asks for $10...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's Been A While

I was watching Deep Impact when I started writing this blog about a month ago. I knew the title and remember watching it, but couldn't remember when I saw it or what it was about. My first thought was a porn film, but I can see now that's incorrect. It's about a "comet" that's scheduled to end it all.

Now I'm watching Wall Street.

I'm way, way behind on all of this blog stuff. Wow. There is so much I want to talk about. A lot has happened...

We have: visiting Brian Bobb in Washington D.C., checking out Block Island with Alex Hnizdor, hitting up Los Angeles California with Joe and Jen, revisiting Columbia SC for the USC/UGA game, raging in Seaside FL for the first with Megladon for one of her friend's weddings, and all sorts of new, strange experiences around ATL.

The new, seemingly sudden, arrival of Fall 2012 has brought a bitter-sweet feeling. The weather feels amazing, but I'm a little sad Summer 2012 has come to a close. This summer was absolutely great. I couldn't have asked for anything better.

It feels unreal that I'm actually going to see Rob Zombie in concert for the first time ever (at 26 years old). Brian Bobb bought us box floor seats to Zombie's upcoming performance in Atlanta. He's teamed up with Manson (who I saw on my 21st birthday along with Slayer). I had a ticket to see Zombie my freshman year in college and was packed and ready to head to New Orleans on Amtrak in the morning, but damn Katrina had to wreck the place that night and the House of Blues was gone by morning...

Work is very busy, like everyone always says, but it's going great and it's been a lot of fun, as usual. Jen and Lacey are absolute gems. Nobody could ask for better coworkers. Energetic, smart, funny, witty, good looking; What more could one ask for? Thank y'all.

This movie is in its closing, which means the same for me. Good night and good times tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Belated July 4th (Total) Recall [Part 3]

FINALLY: The actual 4th day of July had arrived.

(The 2 days leading up to this day, not covered in this post, will remain that way.)

We awoke during the late morning/early afternoon in a NUTZ daze. Almost everything was in shambles and out of control. Doug, Dig[aret], Digerella, Douglita, Fresh, whatever you felt like calling him at this point, was still alive. Thank God.

I honestly don't really, really remember what happened over those 2 days. If I really think about it, then I can remember driving fast and recklessly around downtown Atlanta for a while with the top down and music blasting while crushing brews. I remember running into and catching up with Walter Pickens while Dig, Steph, and I were at lunch at... some pizza place... I forget. That's RANDOM. I DO remember Digga drank an entire pitcher by himself (at about 1:00 pm on a Monday [or Tuesday]).

My company had been calling me all morning/afternoon regarding IT issues, questions, etc. and wondering where I was. I did a good job.

I also remember crashing into a Starbucks around 5:00 pm that afternoon kinda pretty tipsy, pulling out my laptop, and working out some network and website issues while Doug drunk dialed some chick back in Charleston. It was either one of his mom, sister, or sister's chick friend. I know that much.

Let's get back to the morning/afternoon of July 4th. And let's fast forward through that entire day because it was just a freaking awesome nailz raging mess that I'd rather not risk carpal tunnel over.

So we actually make it out (Hnizdor drives [somehow]) to watch fireworks at Lenox and it was righteous. We brought plenty of beer for plenty of reasons. After Lenox we headed down to the Virginia-Highlands area to meet up with some SMOKESHOWS we'd met that afternoon at the pool.

We met them alright at Hand In Hand and the chick Hnize was into was also into him. However, these girls were already with another group of bros that they knew?? WHAT?!?!? Thankfully we overwhelmed those dudes and they ended up leaving us with the chickz. YES.

HOLD UP. Steph and her crew roll up all of a sudden. Dig had been sexting them, unbeknownst to me. Things get weird.

Our chicks leave to go to another VA-Highlands place a couple of blocks down. We meet them there (with our chicks) 15 minutes later. Things get weirder.

For the next 2 hours Dig provokes Hnizdor (continuously throughout the night) to hit on this chick who clearly has a boyfriend. What? Truth. He keeps telling him to "go back and give it another shot, to try harder, to not give up, to persist, to GET IT, to SUCCEED, TO WIN!!!!"

We end up back at our apartment one expensive taxi ride, not paid for by us, around 1:00 a.m. I'd like to say. It's quickly decided that we're going out to the pool. We had some girl come out on her porch at about 1:30 to tell us to STFU. I had to be responsive and productive that morning, so I left Digga, Steph, and Lauren down there at the pool......

Well... This is where things get the MOST WEIRD. Digger Fresh never came back that night/morning DESPITE the door being left unlocked and our apartment fully accessible and able to accommodate...

This kid... THIS KID. SOMEHOW he ended up back at Steph and Lauren's place. "WWHHOOOAAAA.... Dude... You're dating a freaking SMOKESHOW back in Charleston and you've already been going through the Mere Mere incident since you got here 4 days ago!," was all I could think. (This Mere incident was still going on, by the way.)

What a bro, Doug. Somehow you made it back to our apartment. You made it back to safe haven. I was sleeping while Danny and Alex were leaving for work. Danny said Digga was crushing a handle of vodka at 8:30 a.m. when he (Danny) was just about to leave for work. Doug Fresh then had to drive Hnize to his car, which had been left down in the VA-Highlands area...

Doug was NOT GOOD when he got back (and I was finally awake [around 10:30 a.m.]).

To this day we still do not know what happened and went down at the pool and/or at Steph/Lauren's place after I left the pool that night. All of the recounting and memories from everyone (Dig, Steph, Lauren) are unclear, inconsistent, uncertain, gray and the shade hasn't changed since their depositions/interrogations... What really happened?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Belated July 4th (Total) Recall [Part 2]

Picking up right where I left off:

Our sweet, cute, cuddly, ravenous, psychopathic Mere Mere had just gained access to the Post Brookhaven Phase 1 pool. I was performing aerial recon from our 3rd floor apartment vantage point (and hiding/locking down our apartment). Digga Fresh was caught between a rock and a... Mere.

Hnize managed to fade in with "the crowd," more-or-less, and stay in communication with me via mobile device. Dig and Mere's positions were just out of my line of sight, so Hnize was relaying real time updates on the interaction between the two. Dig managed to keep his cool while Mere drilled him with a few questions. He fired back a couple of valid questions, before answering any of hers, as the entire pool watched with wide, frozen eyes.

"What are you doing here?" Hnize said (while on the phone with me). Mere responded, "Doug are you going to let him talk to me like that?" Dig responded, "Yeah. What are you doing here, Mere?" He then jumped into the pool and swam away. She paced angrily for several minutes as the entire pool continued to watch. She yelled, "What are you doing??!?" Dig yelled back from the pool (while catching a football), "I'm just havin fun girl!"

Mere eventually left a few minutes later and there were a few cheers to be heard.July 4th Pool Party Rage

SO. Maybe the big question for some of you, but not many (until now) is: How did she find out where y'all were!?!?

Well... If you haven't already heard of/use it, then look into it. It's called 'FourSquare'. Yep. Mere actually used FourSquare to not only track Dig's present position via his check-ins, but also took the initiative to mobilize on them. Scary stuff right? Right! I cannot make this stuff up...

The end to Mere Mere was far from over, though. We soon discovered she was 'Merely' retreating to re-assess her options and re-adjust her plan of attack...

It's now about 6:00 P.M. EST, Sunday. (We still have three days until July 4th truly lifts off the ground... I could write a short story on this trip. Damn.) Us bros decide to roll out hard with some new chickz we met at the pool to a restaurant called Verde. It's right around the corner and very convenient. None of us bros have ever been there. All of the chickz have, though.

Hnize is HAMMERED and is talking this other rando bro's head off until the bro finally stumbled outside and fell asleep in his car. Dig and I crept over to the bar, away from the table of chickz, to rip some shots of Rumple. Upon getting back to the table, we find out that Hnize now has the intention
of testing Dig and mine's tolerance by ordering tequila shots.

Mere Mere has sent Dig about 150 text messages by now. He has responded to zero. She is now saying that she has called the Police and filed a robbery charge that claims Dig stole her iPhone 4S. (She gave Dig her iPhone 4S as a gift a few weekends prior when she drove from ATL to visit him for the first time in Charelston... Dig [obviously] immediately wiped the device as soon as she left town.)

She was calling him incessantly. She would not stop. We had all been careful to check in on FourSquare at various venues around, but not at, Verde and the Brookhaven area in an effort to throw her off our tracks. Finally, two of the girls, Kelsey Fox and Stephanie Mus, demanded they each pick up one of Mere's phone calls to Dig. That went over real, real bad...

Before I end this part, let it be known again that Mere Mere lives ACROSS. THE. STREET. from us... She didn't know our apartment number, but did know our 'phase' and our cars. Therefore, the most terrifying aspect was the idea that we may walk outside in the morning to find one or more of our car's tires slashed and/or a message written in the paint (despite us having a maximum security entry gate)...

Well, it appears that July 4th can't be wrapped up into just two parts. Part 3 will be coming soon, which should, hopefully, be the closing 'chapter' to the United States' best holiday (2012).

Monday, August 13, 2012

Belated July 4th (Total) Recall [Part 1]

I'm going to have to make this real brief, but at least it'll be something for the "V.J."

July 4th... I'm trying to remember just what all went down (because it was a lot). Our bro, Digga Fresh, came into town. That's for damn sure. He stormed into ATL Sunday afternoon I think it was. Things got real wild and out of control real fast, but us dudes managed to contain the outbreak. We all know this, but: Chicks can get CRAZY. I mean ZERO mental stability or rationale what-so-ever. It's wild, but true!

Doug Fehrmann
Within a few seconds of Dig's touchdown in ATL, Mere Mere was already trying to get a bead on his exact present location and planned route of travel through and around the city. I mean, she had already sent him well over 200 text messages over the 3 days leading up to his departure from and drive to ATL. It was REALLY creepy. I think Dig had about 30 - 40 text messages racked up from Mere by the time he rolled up to the pool party at Post Brookhaven PHASE 1...
Well... Hnizdor strolls in soon after Digga arrives and joins the festivities. We start to run low on beer. It's about 3:00 p.m. EST if I remember correct. Dig volunteers to drive Hnize to the Kroger to grab a fresh 30 rack of Busch gold tops. They make it back to the pool safe and sound (you might think). Dig remembers he has a football in his car. He runs out to grab it so we could bro out even harder at the pool. He comes running back into the pool area 3x (three times) as fast as he ran out with a look of disbelief and terror on his face.

Post Brookhaven Phase 1 July 4thMere Mere had arrived... She was parking just outside the gate with a look of sincere, sweet, loving, CRAZY RAGE on her face. When Dig started shouting that Mere was parking outside the gate my heart skipped a few beats, then I panicked, which I shouldn't have done. Everything went dark except for a narrow tunneled vision that allowed me to see only what was right in front of me. I grabbed all of my essentials (phone, wallet, chap stick, beer, keys) and booked the hell out of it through the back gate of the pool and up to our apartment, which overlooks the pool area.

Dig was absolutely correct. MERE was THERE. She was like a zombie trying to get through the front pool gate, which was magnetically locked by a maximum security magnet for safety (so outsiders, heathens, vagrants, feral women, killers, and terrorists can't get through). She started yelling out for Dig and commanding him to let her in. Dig was yelling back, "NO!! DO NOT LET HER IN!!!" from under the pavilion at the back. The pool crowd instantly became uncomfortable, alarmed, curious, and alert. Two sorry broads gave in and walked over to the writhing zombie-like creature at the gate.

Max Serucity Gate

They obviously thought wrong. Mere managed to talk (instigate) one of them into coming out into the parking lot (after Mere cussed the chick out and made her angry). As soon as the chick opened the gate, Mere overpowered her and gained access to the pool area. They were all in one "cage" now...

Let me inform the reader that during this entire event, I was on the phone with Hnize reporting to him what I was witnessing from 3 levels up (that they could not see). Once the beast broke through the containment barrier I gave Dig and him the "red alert" by repeating: "She's in the walls! She's in the walls! Repeat: She's broken through! Get outta there!!" Hnizdor: "OMG! I SEE HER! OH GOD!! WE'RE..... GOIN...... %$*hGFIGHR$*y#%#%hbggd [STATIC]."

And so begins July 4th, 2012 [PART 1]...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Apartment Living: It's nicer than I thought it could be.

(NOTICE: This post will have to be published in two parts due to both the amount of time that's passed and number of events that have occurred since my last post.)

Let's begin:

I reach my 26th birthday in 4 days. It feels a little unreal, but I'm ready for it. Sure I feel like I'm 24, but it's cool because I act like I'm 21. That's a good thing, right?

Summer feels like it's nearly come and gone in the blink of an eye, but it's been a GREAT ONE. Although they seem instantaneous looking back, a lot of great changes have happened.

I moved into Post Brookhaven this past June 12th with Alex Hnizdor and Daniel Czeczil. Our location is legit. We're right on the pool, have 2 nasty sound systems, a fridge dedicated entirely to beer, and many many more amenities...

It's been one hell of a ride since our debut here. We all know that summer, itself, is fun to begin with...

Hnize Quest
There have been a couple mess ups, but only a couple. (See Right)

We've met some fun people who've surprisingly accepted our friendship. Lauren Garrett, Kelsey Fox, Stephanie Mus: where would we be if y'all hadn't dropped in on our lives? These girls (and their friends) know how to KEEP IT REAL. I won't even write it in Spanish: Our House Is Your House.

I've also experienced a few great high school pseudo/semi reunions. (So many of us live down here now.)

I'll definitely be posting some (detailed) comments about my residency in Post Brookhaven as of yet.

THEN there's July 4th and the aftermath... (Coming Soon)

William Henry Voegeli III
Voegs Not Questing

Friday, June 22, 2012

Self Sufficiency

Twenty days... It's been a while since you wrote something to yourself or anyone else caring to read about you. Let's get it together, Will.

I began moving into Post Brookhaven on June 12th and am still a long way from finishing (for a few reasons). I figure I will slowly, but steadily, be moving/setting up stuff for the next couple of months.

Moving is a big deal, I know. It's time consuming, frustrating, physically and mentally exhausting, interfering, and... NOT costly thanks to the KooKoo Krazy Hut! Dear Sweet KooKoo gave me the green light to squander a delivery truck and van to execute my entire move with. Those vehicles were an unprecedented favor.

Alex, Danny, and I commenced and completed most of our move on the HOT, SUNNY, HUMID (post thunderstorm) afternoon of Tuesday, June 12th. When I say hot and humid... I mean... Yeah... REAL. Overall, it was a great feeling, though.

It's great to be in my own place and in my own room. I finally feel like I have at least a decent amount of control over my life (not withstanding the powers of God, government, laws, and Comcast...). I work from home most days, have an excellent view of one of the pools (a.k.a. chick nest), and free Wi-fi at Starbucks if I need a new scene.

As if timing couldn't be better (considering the extra expenses and stress) my boss/business partner worked out a nice raise for me. I'm slightly more relaxed about buying a car now. Thank God.

So much more has happened that I need to fill myself/y'all in on... It's real juicy stuff, too, which makes it that much worse to have to wait for. Damn...

How do you gauge fortune? With: luck, good will, hard work, light spirits, easy looks, education, drive/motivation/determination (all same thing to me), and/or patience?

What makes you feel like you deserve or don't deserve something? Throw out deserve and switch it up with earned. Throw out both of those terms. They both have negative connotations. What have you BUILT for yourself?

Friday, June 01, 2012

Thoughts & Reflections

(More) strange days these are. <-- That's how Yoda would put it.

The world hasn't ended, but all the news makes me feel like it's going to sometime soon. I think that's just society and its current swing being built through the past couple of decades. 2 decades. Wow. You want to think that's a long time for some topic to be at hand, but it isn't. We think it is because 2 decades is probably one quarter of our lives.

The earth has been around for billions of years and has endured a whole hell of a lot. There's no reason it should end anytime soon. Just think: the earth was a hot molten piece of crap at one point. I doubt, at least at our "level", that we can affect the earth enough to fall into catastrophe. Throw us the worst hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tidal waves, etc. Those catastrophes are nothing compared to a collapse of our atmosphere and the protection it gives us (and those events shouldn't even get close to destroying our atmosphere).

The fact that I'm writing about this would lead you to believe (yep you guessed it): I'm slightly weirded out and uncomfortable about the whole thought and "movement".

Touche Earth. Keep it up.

I'm concerned and conscious about factors influencing my: health, physical ability, energy, mental state and outlook, preparedness, knowledge, utility, and motivation.

Every day I think about and pray for my friends, family, and myself. I like it and it gives me a good feeling and a renewed outlook on life.

What is it that I'm here to bring to you? I have a feeling.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend was downright… satisfying. The weather here in the HOTlanta couldn’t have been more enjoyable. There was an excellent transition from a real sunny, thick heat on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to a post-thunderstorm, thicker, “insulating” heat during Monday’s late afternoon. It was this extremely humid, muggy afternoon that made for a pleasant close to the long weekend.

It all started Thursday night or Friday morning... Friday night was fun. I arrived at Brian Bobb’s just in time to have him and the girlfriend jump in the car for a ride to their 8:30 reservation to celebrate their SIX month anniversary. He was excited to “celebrate surviving 6 months” with her. I headed back to Brian’s to shower and pre-game before Megan Meloy arrived to catch up and gossip about work. Work HAS been juicy lately…

Brian and the girlfriend returned around 11:30 from their 5 course, 3 hour long dinner extravaganza. Meloy and I went out for a beer on Crescent Ave. while they stayed back at his place and did stuff.

Saturday afternoon, evening, and night were awesome. Errands for liquor, beer, food, mixers. Guitar Hero mini-tourney with Gianna Gandossi. Frisbee and beer/liquor in Piedmont Park with Bobb, Ryan Walker, Gianna, and black children who can throw FOREVER. (I swear. These kids could run for days! I threw my Frisbee with these 4 – 5 black kids for nearly a solid hour!) Brian dipped out “on the phone” after about 15 minutes… Even after 64 ounces of water I barely stumbled into Park Tavern extremely dehydrated, soaking wet, and famished only to stumble into Cristina Diodati and friends. I thought I was going to pass out, literally. Brian ordered us beers. I ordered 2 pitchers of water.

Just as I was starting to (slightly) perk up… Natalie Thon, Alex Thon, and none other than Dan Jordan (along with a few friends of his from Special Forces/Army/Afghanistan) walk up to our table. At this point there was no turning back. I bid Saturday’s night, “Touche…” Drinks, drinks, food, shower, drinks, Buckhead ensued.

Sunday Funday
Sunday Funday.

Lunch and Bloody Merry bar with my dad and step-mom at Front Page News, relaxation and reflection for most of the remaining afternoon, and then some serious fun come night time with Sam Nash and Brian Bobb. I hadn’t been to Pink Pony in a long time… Wow. Hahahaha. Okay serious, though. I saw my new roommate’s boss and Brian’s neighbor there. LMAO.

Pool Party Monday
And Monday... Afternoon: Pool party, beer, and babes. Evening: Mellow Mushroom hangout for a couple of hours to re-collect myself, then PURE Taqueria with good company and margaritas.

Post Stormy Evening

Well that about sums it up. Now I’m going to continue (and try to finish) watching Die Hard 2: DIE HARDER before my bed gets hit.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wedding Weekend Extravanganza

It's been 2 weeks since my last (pretty calm, maybe mundane) post. Wow. I promise to make it up.

A lot has happened and changed since 2 weeks ago. You might be surprised. Fortunately they’ve all been mental and psychological, nothing physical (although I feel like I should have gained 4 pounds).

Work has been very dynamic, fast paced, and fun.

The KooKoo Krazy Hut is always a trip. The drama is more than worth writing home about if you pay attention. I hope Aleks did so her parents were, at the least, somewhat prepared. If not, then she’s back home in Bulgaria now and has likely shared every bit of gossip she gathered from The Kook with them (and I’m sure it’s the most entertainment they’ve had in a while). [Aleks will hopefully be back in the Fall. BTW: Congratulations being accepted to KSU for their IB Masters program.]

I can’t talk much further on this topic via this post, but I’ll write another, (much) more private post that really gets into all the dirty, juicy gossip that’s been going DOWN at The Kook. Look forward to it. In fact, I can’t wait! You certain special people will get an invite that’ll be dripping with “got to know.” :)

Will Voegeli, Natalie Thon, Kevin Crosby
Aside from work at The Kook, Good ole Joe and I have been doing some good, fun stuff with our new business, WebACiti.

We now have a few clients and have been meeting with several other potentials. It’s awesome. It feels really good to:

#1: Love what you do on the daily

#2: Make other people (who don’t know how to [nor have an interest in] what you do) excited, happy, and thankful for what you’ve done for their company

#3: Pay yourself

This past weekend was almost too much.

Kristen Bouck married Huie Myers this past Saturday afternoon. The wedding was beautiful and great. It was held at Christ The King, just south of Buckhead. Holy matrimony began to go down at 2:00 and the reception wasn't until 6:00… The reception was to be held at Greystone in Piedmont Park (the place on the pond in the middle of the park)… So what do us Blessed Trinity alumni do in between? Halftime!

Kevin Crosby, Tyler Hein, Natalie Thon, Colleen Hein, Keelin Kasperzack, Lauren Guillen, Alex Thon, Danny Guigou, Laura Beauchamp, and probably a couple others I just FORGOT about decided to be pretty lame at Park Tavern inside that cave they have for about 1.5 hours. Fortunately we got ourselves out after a few drinks and took a stand on The Hill overlooking the Main Grass of Piedmont Park where the Battle of Piedmont took its course. We reflected on and joked about the past. Damn, Blessed Trinity had (and has) maybe too many characters... That’s what makes BT so great, though!

Blessed Trinity Alumni

Never. Did. I. Think. I’d end up being lucky enough to have a group of friends that exhibited this (sheer) level of Classy Citizen. Model Citizen even… Wow. T*#t Shots?! Bravo gang.

I think we showed up and represented Kristen and Huie’s wedding like pros…

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday Night Shake-Up

I swear to you the best thoughts come at the most inconvenient times to write them down. That's what I'm trying to do right now and, literally, since I picked up my phone and stopped "relaxing" everything went shadowed.

I'm on the sidewalk outside of Loco's in Alpharetta sitting back (relaxing) with a beer while I watch the rain come down. The street lights make for a nice contrast and intermediary for the black sky and clear/white rain.

The band is great.

"It's been too long since I felt this vibe." At that moment I realized it's been since college that I chilled in this atmosphere. Wow. Then I realized how long it's been since I graduated college (and really floored myself).

I thought about the past 2.5 years since I lived the college dream.

My life has been an amazing 25 years. The past 12 years have been unbelievably amazing. I almost don't feel like like I deserve any more, BUT I KNOW I DO.

I can't thank God enough for the past 2.5 years though (and my entire life.) For the longest time I never thought I'd live to see the age of 21, then that came and I never thought I'd see 22. Now I'm coming on 26... "Long term stuff" is creeping up on my mind.

I've always felt the obligation and enjoyment of producing a "William Henry Voegeli IV". Looking at these life analytics, that might some done happen for me (and whoever the lucky lady is)!



My name is William Voegeli. I'm from Atlanta, GA and will probably live here for the rest of my life. Actually I shouldn't say that. Who knows? I love this city, but damn democracy is big and I am young. 25 is young these days...

I finally got around to creating this blog for the same exact freaking reason 90% of every other individual does (for personal, non-business intentions): documentation! Hell. Why shouldn't everyone in the world have access to pretty much everything that's happened in my personal life?!

My Facebook hasn't made me "public enough." That's what I've deducted and realized. I need to let MORE people into my life through MORE mediums. Google's Blogger being the 7th. Let's see: I've got Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, MyLife, Twitter,, YouTube, Pinterest (I know that's gay for a bro), StumbleUpon, Flickr, Vizibility, FourSquare, Skype, Yelp!, Yahoo, and 30 more accounts I'm forgetting. Google's going to penalize me for all those links in one post BTW...

Wow. I really wish I could give this first blog post some hard throttle, but this first post is meant to be an introduction... Dammit... There's so much I have to entertain us all with! If you're already pretty freakin entertained in your general life, then you definitely want to read what I have to write!

I'm looking forward to learning how a blog discussion moves [as opposed to an e-mail listserv, Facebook, FourSquare, etc.]. Each of those three have each been fun, entertaining, different, and unique.)

Here's an overview of the topics of subject I'm typically going to be discussing:
  • Chickz
    • Goals
    • Discovery/1st Contact
    • Introduction
    • Interaction
    • Fornication
    • Relationship
    • Menstrual (PMS)
    • Marriage
    • Offspring
    • Wishes/Would Likes...
  • Work / Professional
    • (Office) Space
    • Coworkers
    • Job Role, Functions, & Requirements
    • Benefits (Vacation, 401-K, etc.)
    • General Mood & Atmosphere of the Work Environment
    • Goals
    • Abilities & Inabilities
    • Wishes/Would Likes...
  • "Free" Time / Personal
    • Activities
    • Habits
    • Hobbies
    • Living Conditions
    • Adventures, Trips, Rebellious Acts & Behavior
I'm open to any more/other topics that y'all may have. Just let me know.

William Henry Voegeli III