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My name is William Voegeli. I'm from Atlanta, GA and will probably live here for the rest of my life. Actually I shouldn't say that. Who knows? I love this city, but damn democracy is big and I am young. 25 is young these days...

I finally got around to creating this blog for the same exact freaking reason 90% of every other individual does (for personal, non-business intentions): documentation! Hell. Why shouldn't everyone in the world have access to pretty much everything that's happened in my personal life?!

My Facebook hasn't made me "public enough." That's what I've deducted and realized. I need to let MORE people into my life through MORE mediums. Google's Blogger being the 7th. Let's see: I've got Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, MyLife, Twitter,, YouTube, Pinterest (I know that's gay for a bro), StumbleUpon, Flickr, Vizibility, FourSquare, Skype, Yelp!, Yahoo, and 30 more accounts I'm forgetting. Google's going to penalize me for all those links in one post BTW...

Wow. I really wish I could give this first blog post some hard throttle, but this first post is meant to be an introduction... Dammit... There's so much I have to entertain us all with! If you're already pretty freakin entertained in your general life, then you definitely want to read what I have to write!

I'm looking forward to learning how a blog discussion moves [as opposed to an e-mail listserv, Facebook, FourSquare, etc.]. Each of those three have each been fun, entertaining, different, and unique.)

Here's an overview of the topics of subject I'm typically going to be discussing:
  • Chickz
    • Goals
    • Discovery/1st Contact
    • Introduction
    • Interaction
    • Fornication
    • Relationship
    • Menstrual (PMS)
    • Marriage
    • Offspring
    • Wishes/Would Likes...
  • Work / Professional
    • (Office) Space
    • Coworkers
    • Job Role, Functions, & Requirements
    • Benefits (Vacation, 401-K, etc.)
    • General Mood & Atmosphere of the Work Environment
    • Goals
    • Abilities & Inabilities
    • Wishes/Would Likes...
  • "Free" Time / Personal
    • Activities
    • Habits
    • Hobbies
    • Living Conditions
    • Adventures, Trips, Rebellious Acts & Behavior
I'm open to any more/other topics that y'all may have. Just let me know.

William Henry Voegeli III

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