Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wedding Weekend Extravanganza

It's been 2 weeks since my last (pretty calm, maybe mundane) post. Wow. I promise to make it up.

A lot has happened and changed since 2 weeks ago. You might be surprised. Fortunately they’ve all been mental and psychological, nothing physical (although I feel like I should have gained 4 pounds).

Work has been very dynamic, fast paced, and fun.

The KooKoo Krazy Hut is always a trip. The drama is more than worth writing home about if you pay attention. I hope Aleks did so her parents were, at the least, somewhat prepared. If not, then she’s back home in Bulgaria now and has likely shared every bit of gossip she gathered from The Kook with them (and I’m sure it’s the most entertainment they’ve had in a while). [Aleks will hopefully be back in the Fall. BTW: Congratulations being accepted to KSU for their IB Masters program.]

I can’t talk much further on this topic via this post, but I’ll write another, (much) more private post that really gets into all the dirty, juicy gossip that’s been going DOWN at The Kook. Look forward to it. In fact, I can’t wait! You certain special people will get an invite that’ll be dripping with “got to know.” :)

Will Voegeli, Natalie Thon, Kevin Crosby
Aside from work at The Kook, Good ole Joe and I have been doing some good, fun stuff with our new business, WebACiti.

We now have a few clients and have been meeting with several other potentials. It’s awesome. It feels really good to:

#1: Love what you do on the daily

#2: Make other people (who don’t know how to [nor have an interest in] what you do) excited, happy, and thankful for what you’ve done for their company

#3: Pay yourself

This past weekend was almost too much.

Kristen Bouck married Huie Myers this past Saturday afternoon. The wedding was beautiful and great. It was held at Christ The King, just south of Buckhead. Holy matrimony began to go down at 2:00 and the reception wasn't until 6:00… The reception was to be held at Greystone in Piedmont Park (the place on the pond in the middle of the park)… So what do us Blessed Trinity alumni do in between? Halftime!

Kevin Crosby, Tyler Hein, Natalie Thon, Colleen Hein, Keelin Kasperzack, Lauren Guillen, Alex Thon, Danny Guigou, Laura Beauchamp, and probably a couple others I just FORGOT about decided to be pretty lame at Park Tavern inside that cave they have for about 1.5 hours. Fortunately we got ourselves out after a few drinks and took a stand on The Hill overlooking the Main Grass of Piedmont Park where the Battle of Piedmont took its course. We reflected on and joked about the past. Damn, Blessed Trinity had (and has) maybe too many characters... That’s what makes BT so great, though!

Blessed Trinity Alumni

Never. Did. I. Think. I’d end up being lucky enough to have a group of friends that exhibited this (sheer) level of Classy Citizen. Model Citizen even… Wow. T*#t Shots?! Bravo gang.

I think we showed up and represented Kristen and Huie’s wedding like pros…

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