Monday, August 13, 2012

Belated July 4th (Total) Recall [Part 1]

I'm going to have to make this real brief, but at least it'll be something for the "V.J."

July 4th... I'm trying to remember just what all went down (because it was a lot). Our bro, Digga Fresh, came into town. That's for damn sure. He stormed into ATL Sunday afternoon I think it was. Things got real wild and out of control real fast, but us dudes managed to contain the outbreak. We all know this, but: Chicks can get CRAZY. I mean ZERO mental stability or rationale what-so-ever. It's wild, but true!

Doug Fehrmann
Within a few seconds of Dig's touchdown in ATL, Mere Mere was already trying to get a bead on his exact present location and planned route of travel through and around the city. I mean, she had already sent him well over 200 text messages over the 3 days leading up to his departure from and drive to ATL. It was REALLY creepy. I think Dig had about 30 - 40 text messages racked up from Mere by the time he rolled up to the pool party at Post Brookhaven PHASE 1...
Well... Hnizdor strolls in soon after Digga arrives and joins the festivities. We start to run low on beer. It's about 3:00 p.m. EST if I remember correct. Dig volunteers to drive Hnize to the Kroger to grab a fresh 30 rack of Busch gold tops. They make it back to the pool safe and sound (you might think). Dig remembers he has a football in his car. He runs out to grab it so we could bro out even harder at the pool. He comes running back into the pool area 3x (three times) as fast as he ran out with a look of disbelief and terror on his face.

Post Brookhaven Phase 1 July 4thMere Mere had arrived... She was parking just outside the gate with a look of sincere, sweet, loving, CRAZY RAGE on her face. When Dig started shouting that Mere was parking outside the gate my heart skipped a few beats, then I panicked, which I shouldn't have done. Everything went dark except for a narrow tunneled vision that allowed me to see only what was right in front of me. I grabbed all of my essentials (phone, wallet, chap stick, beer, keys) and booked the hell out of it through the back gate of the pool and up to our apartment, which overlooks the pool area.

Dig was absolutely correct. MERE was THERE. She was like a zombie trying to get through the front pool gate, which was magnetically locked by a maximum security magnet for safety (so outsiders, heathens, vagrants, feral women, killers, and terrorists can't get through). She started yelling out for Dig and commanding him to let her in. Dig was yelling back, "NO!! DO NOT LET HER IN!!!" from under the pavilion at the back. The pool crowd instantly became uncomfortable, alarmed, curious, and alert. Two sorry broads gave in and walked over to the writhing zombie-like creature at the gate.

Max Serucity Gate

They obviously thought wrong. Mere managed to talk (instigate) one of them into coming out into the parking lot (after Mere cussed the chick out and made her angry). As soon as the chick opened the gate, Mere overpowered her and gained access to the pool area. They were all in one "cage" now...

Let me inform the reader that during this entire event, I was on the phone with Hnize reporting to him what I was witnessing from 3 levels up (that they could not see). Once the beast broke through the containment barrier I gave Dig and him the "red alert" by repeating: "She's in the walls! She's in the walls! Repeat: She's broken through! Get outta there!!" Hnizdor: "OMG! I SEE HER! OH GOD!! WE'RE..... GOIN...... %$*hGFIGHR$*y#%#%hbggd [STATIC]."

And so begins July 4th, 2012 [PART 1]...

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