Tuesday, December 04, 2012

It's December 1st, 2012

It's actually December 4th, 2012 now... How creepy is it that Christmas actually goes down at the end of this month?! I haven't done any shopping or whatnot and what's worse is that I've only mildly given the whole concept a thought. I've been thinking I might just tell my parents and brothers (and other certain special people) that I don't want anything because I don't plan on getting them anything, so we'll just call it even.

See, the thing is that I'm still focused on how awesome this past summer was and that's what I'm going to write more about right now. At this rate I'll be on schedule for a "Christmas In September."

I left off with the wild visit to D.C. in early August. The next trip was most definitely a change of scene. Later in August I found myself landing in Providence, Rhode Island. I was on a journey to see what Block Island was all about.

Block Island is this island that looks kind of like a weird four sided, more-or-less, island (at least from an airplane). It's been chilling about + or - 10 miles off the cost of Rhode Island for quite a while now. How do I know this? I know this for two reasons:
  •  I remember the ferry boat captain announcing on the intercom that the boat ride was going to cover some number of miles and take 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  •  I saw and read about some really old mansions and hotels and historical stuff that led me to believe the island had been chilling there for a pretty damn long time (like definitely before my grandparents were born).
Let me take a real quick step back to clarify why the heck this was my first time ever up in this "New England" region of our great country. My friend and current roommate, Alex Hnizdor, has a pair of grandparents that have some property and houses and vacation on this island during the summer months of the year. (Their main stay is further north up in New Hampshire I think.) Since college Alex had been trying to set up a trip to Block Island (this is a beautiful website the island has) and it finally became a reality this past August.

So this island turns out to be awesome...
Block Island Fishing Trip

Quick side note: My boss kind of flipped out a couple of weeks prior to my departure when I told him I was going to Block Island over so-and-so dates in August. He's from Connecticut and practically went nuts talking about how awesome this Block Island was during the middle of August (because all of the young peeps/chicks come over during that time). From the way he was talking and the look on his face (for several days) I'm almost certain he actually, really, honestly wanted to join in on the action and rage with us, but the guy DOES have a wife and 3 children...

This damn island turns out to be so incredibly unique. It was really freaking old overall, but new in the moment/at the time/in the season I was there. It had an amazing rustic, chill, quiet, secluded feel with tons of history, but the people on the island at the time were there to have a damn good time and that added an entirely awesome contrast.

Alex's grandparents were totally awesome, too. These two people were "older," but knew exactly what the deal was for bros our age... They did not want to disappoint and had prepared well.

Dammit. I'm going to have to leave this story here for now. I just realized (not saw, realized; I saw half an hour ago, but didn't realize) what time it is. There's a lot more that needs some undivided attention tonight before I get my beauty rest.

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